31 December 2013

New patches for December

Crone "Self-titled" + Kulturkampf "White Pillars" cassettes

Crone "Self-titled"

Kulturkampf "White Pillars"

Stock update - December



The Ascendant - The Spiritual Death 7 EP


Blackdeath - Katharsis: Kalte Lieder aus der Hölle 12 LP


Grave Miasma - Ordo Sepulcrorum 12 DLP


cover Abhor - Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protect
cover Aere Aeternus - Humanity Needs No Funeral
cover Anatomia - Dead Bodies in the Morgue
cover Anguished - Cold
cover Ataraxy - Revelations of the Ethereal
cover Ave Maria - Chapter I
cover Blaspherian - Allegiance to the Will of Damnation
cover Burzum - Belus
cover Burzum - Hilðsjalf
cover Cerekloth - Pandemonium Prayers
cover Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno - Nightbringer / Dødsengel
cover Cremation - Black Death Cult
cover Cultes Des Ghoules - Henbane
cover Deathmoor - Opus Morte III
cover Deceased - Supernatural Addiction
cover Demonic Slaughter - Revelations of Death
cover Denouncement Pyre - Almighty Arcanum 
cover Empire of the Scourged - Transcend into Oblivion
cover Front Beast - Demon Ways Of Sorcery  
cover Gandr - Talvitunnelmia
cover Gateway to the Nightside - Andramelech / Serpent Noir
cover Glaukom Synod - The Unspeakable Horror
cover Hobbs Angel of Death - Satanic Crusade
cover Hobbs Angel of Death - Self-titled
cover Impiety - The Impious Crusade
cover Impious Baptism - Wrath of the Apex Predator 
cover Midnight - Complete and Total Hell 
cover Morbid Flesh - Reborn in Death
cover Mystic Charm - Shadows of the Unknown
cover Nefandus - Death Holy Death
cover Nefandus - Your God Is A Ghost
cover Nocturnal Graves - Bloodline of Cain 
cover Nunslaughter - The Devils Congeries - Volume 1
cover Perditor - Divine Riddles
cover Possession - His Best Deceipt
cover Profanatica - Thy Kingdom Cum  
cover Putrified – Sacrilegious Purification
cover Resurgency - False Enlightenment
cover Satanic Bloodspraying - At the Mercy of Satan
cover Serpent Noir - Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness: Open up the Shells
cover Shemhamforash - Luciferi Omnis Ysighda with Dolor Ante Lucem Dark Opera
cover Shemhamforash - Spintriam Satyriazis (Phallus Prestige)
cover Solothus - Summoned from the Void
cover Sorcery - Unholy Creations
cover Superchrist - Holy Shit
cover Svartidaudi - The Temple Of Deformation
cover Symptom - Beneath the Ossuary
cover Symptom - Opulent Atrocity
cover Uncoffined - Ritual Death and Funeral Rites
cover Weapon - Naga: Daemonum Praeteritum
cover Witch Cross - Axe To Grind
cover Witchtrap - Vengeance Is My Name
cover Zemial - Nykta 


cover Allied by Heathen Blood - Bilskirnir / Hunok
cover Altars / Heaving Earth - Split
cover Necros (Fra) / Abnorm (Fra) - Split
cover Nerlich (Fin) - Innards
cover Old Burial Temple - Demo I
cover Solothus - Ritual of the Horned Skull
cover Trenchrot - Dragged down to Hell
cover Writhing / Ad Patres - Split


cover Dødsengel - Logo patch
cover Nightbringer - Lucifer/Noctifer patch patch