28 November 2013

Stock Update - November


cover Adversarial - Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation 12 LP
cover Bloody Hammers – Self-Titled 12 LP
cover Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics 12 LP
cover Corpsessed – Self-Titled 7 EP
cover Dawnbringer - Three Soldiers Standing 7 EP
cover Deceased – Cloned (Day Of The Robot) 7 EP
cover Grave Upheaval - Untitled 12 DLP
cover Grave Upheaval / Manticore - Split 12 MLP
cover Incarceration - Sacrifice 7 EP
cover Lantern – Below 12 LP
cover Manipulator - Voidbound 12 MLP
cover Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth 12 DLP
cover Murder Squad - Self-Titled 7 EP
cover Saturnalia Temple - Impossibilum 12 MLP
cover Tombstones - Red Skies And Dead Eyes 12 LP
cover Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death 12 DLP
cover Uncanny – The Path Of Flesh 7 EP
cover United In Death - Profanal / Obscure Infinity (Ger) 7 EP
cover Vanhelgd - Church of Death 12 LP
cover Vassafor - Southern Vassaforian Hell 7 EP


cover Abigail - Forever Street Metal Bitch
cover Abigail - Welcome All Hell Fuckers
cover Ævangelist - De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis
cover Alchemyst - Nekromanteion
cover Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock
cover Anhedonist – Netherwards
cover Aosoth – Self-titled
cover Apati - Eufori
cover Arghoslent - 1990-1994: The First Three Demos
cover Arghoslent - Hornets Of The Pogrom
cover Arghoslent - Incorrigible Bigotry
cover Aska (Swe) - Där Vanvett Gror
cover Azure - King Of Stars - Bearer Of Dark
cover Bergraven (Swe) - Dödsvisioner
cover Beyond - Fatal Power of Death
cover Beyond Hell - The Sleeper Awakens
cover Blakagir - Carpathian Art Of Sin
cover Bloody Hammers – Self-Titled
cover Bölzer - Aura
cover Bosque - Passage
cover Centinex - Subconscious Lobotomy
cover Craven Idol - Towards Eschaton
cover Devil – Gather The Sinners
cover Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia
cover Entrapment – The Obscurity Within
cover Flesh - Temple of Whores
cover Forgotten Woods - Sjel av Natten
cover Gloria Diaboli - Gate to Sheol
cover Grand Belial´s Key - Judeobeast Assassination
cover Grand Belial´s Key – Kosherat
cover Grand Belial´s Key - Mocking the Philanthropist
cover Grim Funeral - A Grim Funeral to the Soul of This World
cover Hammemit - Spires over the Burial Womb
cover Heresi - Psalm I
cover Heresiarch – Hammer of Intransigence
cover Hypothermia - Rakbladsvalsen
cover Incarceration - Sacrifice
cover Infinity (Hol) - Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell
cover Kill (Swe) - Inverted Funeral
cover Necrofrost - Bloodstorms Voktes over Hytrungas´ Dunkle Necrotroner
cover Nihil Nocturne – Entheogen
cover Oblivio Appositus - Haud Mundus / Wormlust
cover Ofermod – Tiamtü
cover Olde - The Gates Of Dawn
cover Omnium Finis Imminent - Melek-Tha / Dapnom
cover Relentless - Souls Of Charon
cover Send Forth The Best Ye Breed - Arghoslent/ Martial Barrage
cover S.V.E.S.T. - Le Diable Est Ma Raison
cover Thronum Vrondor - Vrondor II: Conducting the Orchestra of Evil
cover Weh – Weh En Natt Kom Doed
cover Weh – Folkloren


cover Abyss – The Reins of Horror Cassette
cover Mandatory - In Torment Cassette
cover Reliquary – Nothingness Victory Cassette
cover Reverie - First Reverie Cassette


cover Altars - Logo patch